Respite Care Good for Both of Us

My back is going and I can feel the ache in my hip when I try to help him from the bed or the chair. I can handle the aches, but I’m afraid I might lose my balance and we both might fall. The thought frightens me.

It’s also getting more difficult to keep up with the household chores and other responsibilities while helping him. He’s not remembering so well now and I’ve got to keep track of everything. I thought he was just getting old and forgetful, but the doctor says it’s dementia and it’s going to get worse.

I was afraid to tell the kids how hard all this feels. My husband and I have been together 55 years, in this home for the last 40, and neither of us want to move. I’m not ready to put him in a memory center. I’m not ready to be away from him. Not yet.

But to stay here in our own home, I knew I needed help. I called after a friend told me about HomeCare of the Rockies. I was so impressed that Sandi, the owner came out to meet us personally. We talked about our needs and concerns; she developed a customized care plan to help us live the way we want to live.

These days, when our caregiver comes, it feels more like having a friend in the house than a stranger around. Our caregiver helps my husband get out of bed and get dressed, she helps him in the bathroom and reminds him about his medication. Every caregiver who comes has extensive experience and training in dementia care. They really understand what we are going through and they know just how to help keep him safe and comfortable and involved with the things he can still do.

The caregivers are there for me too, helping to prepare meals and do some of the chores.

I’m not as stressed or worried all the time. I am taking care of myself better too. I’ve started walking again and now I make it to the weekly bridge game. Sometimes I’ll meet the ladies for lunch. While I’m gone, my husband and his caregiver usually listen to his favorite music, spend time on the daily crossword, or sometimes go for a drive. All this has made me more patient, more loving. It’s made me a better caregiver but it’s also been good for our relationship.

Life changes, sure. I never expected to be in this situation, but since we are, I am so grateful we can stay together in our home. HomeCare of the Rockies has made all the difference. They’ve helped us live life on our terms.

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