Helping After the Hospital

It was a bad fall. Dad tripped in the bathroom and broke his hip. After surgery and three-weeks in the hospital and rehab, he is now ready to come home, but I worry that we’ll able to manage his care needs and keep him comfortable.

Dad still requires hands-on care, assistance in and out of bed, and in the bathroom, and medicine reminders. Mom just isn’t strong enough to help him move safely and they often forget his medicine. With my own work schedule and family demands, I can’t be there every time he needs help and he’s not about to let me help him with bathing and bathroom needs.

So, when the hospital discharge staff recommended HomeCare of the Rockies, I immediately gave them a call.

Within hours, they visited his home, helped us adapt his living space so he would be comfortable and able to move easily with his walker and wheelchair from room to room. They are also willing to work with his physical and occupational therapists to incorporate their safety recommendations into his daily care plan.

Caregivers were also there waiting to help when he arrived home from the hospital. And for the first couple of weeks they spent most days and nights at the house.

Of course, Dad and Mom were reluctant to have caregivers in their home, at first. But, after a couple of days, they realized they could still live independently, make their own decisions, even maintain some degree of privacy while the caregivers were there to help.

It took a team of caregivers working together to provide the around-the-clock care dad needed in the beginning. But, because of the comprehensive care plan they shared, his care was consistent, compassionate and efficient.

The caregivers discreetly helped Dad with his bathing and bathroom needs, and the transfers to and from the bed and chair. They provided medication reminders and helped dad keep up with his regular physical therapy exercises. They even drive Mom and Dad to follow-up medical appointments when I can’t get free from work.

As a result, Dad is recovering faster than expected. He’s stronger and happier in his own home. Mom is doing better too. She’s getting the breaks she needs to maintain her health.

Now that Dad is stronger, we’ll scale back the number of care visits. But it is so nice knowing that whenever we need something, whenever I even have a question or concern, I can call HomeCare of the Rockies 24/7 and there will be someone there to help.

In the beginning my family and I were confused about how to manage Dad’s care needs. There are so many options out there. But HomeCare of the Rockies eliminated that confusion and made it easy to call for help. It feels good knowing they are in our corner.

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