Caring When You Can’t Be There

It was after a short weekend visit that my sister and I knew Mom needed more help. Basic chores were becoming hard for her to complete, and she wasn’t eating well. The food in the fridge was expired and she wasn’t keeping up with the bills.

My sister and I both live hundreds of miles away. We’ve got work responsibilities and high school kids that still need our attention and we knew we couldn’t provide the kind of support mom needed. But, it was hard to think about moving her too. Mom loves her home and her cat and the garden she has out back. She just wasn’t ready to leave all that.

We found HomeCare of the Rockies online when we began searching for care options. After a free assessment we knew that this licensed homecare company was a perfect fit for Mom and our family.

They were so professional, yet approachable. They listened and understood our concerns, shared their expertise and had many solutions to help Mom live safely and independently in her own home. They would even take care of the light housekeeping, handle meals, and take mom to medical appointments and run other errands.

Right now, Mom only needs a couple of hours of support each day. But with HomeCare of the Rockies, we have compassionate caregivers helping mom to stay healthy and comfortable in her own home and a customized care plan that can be changed and adapted as Mom’s needs change. No matter what the future holds, we know HomeCare of the Rockies, Inc. will be there to help.

Life is busy and there is a lot to juggle when caring for an agent parent, but with the right home care provider, you don’t have to do it all alone. Knowing that has been such a relief for our family. HomeCare of the Rockies has helped Mom maintain her independence and dignity even while keeping her safe. That gives me peace of mind.

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