Why Choose In-Home Care?

You spent years creating the life you desire — why not continue living it? With the support, skills, and services we offer, you can stay home longer.

And, there is plenty of evidence that shows that in-home care is not only a healthier option, it can also be a more affordable one.

The benefits of in-home care

Better health, less stress. Your home is your sanctuary. When you’re in a safe, familiar and protected environment, you experience less stress and greater well-being. This aids in healing and longevity.

Longer, more active life. We do better when we do more. When we’re surrounded by the things we love, we tend to remain active longer. Studies show that people receiving in-home care tend to live longer and have a better quality of life.

Stronger circle of social support. Research shows that people with strong social support and a connection to community heal faster, experience less depression, and have better immune function. In a home care environment, family and friends come and go at will – and that feels good to everyone. Our caregivers – chosen for their compassion and expertise – also work to create a heart connection with every client to aid in healing and life satisfaction.

Enhanced care delivered through a personal connection. Each of us has unique needs and desires and you have a right to have those met. With HomeCare of the Rockies, you call the shots by telling us what you need and when you need it. Our caregivers work with your care management team and every member of the household so that everyone knows how to help.

Focused investment directly supports your needs. By choosing to access in-home health care, you’re eliminating the big overhead and large monthly expense required by care facilities or retirement homes. The money you pay goes to serve you and support your family. You decide which food to buy. You decide when to eat and what to do. You determine how much help you need. Members of your care team come when you call.

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