Post-Hospitalization Care for Seniors

Transitioning home after an outpatient surgery, a hospital stay, or time in rehabilitation can be difficult. But, HomeCare of the Rockies can make it easier by helping with nonmedical care, medication reminders, and bed or chair transfers to help you navigate safely around your own home. We can even prepare nourishing meals, take on household responsibilities, light housekeeping, grocery shopping and other errands so you can focus on feeling better and getting stronger.

Getting settled back in the home – Your caregiver can pick you up at the hospital or meet you at home and get you settled and comfortable. Then we provide comprehensive, care as established in your customized care plan.

Full or part-time care – Whether you need around-clock-support like many people do when they first return home, or just a few hours of assistance each day, we will adapt our care visits to your needs.

Coordinating health care visits – Healing with HomeCare of the Rockies, also means you get support and encouragement to keep up with your treatment at home. Your dedicated caregivers can drive you to follow-up doctor visits and physical therapy appointments. They can also help you keep up with your physical therapy “homework” and remind you about your medications and safety suggestions and precautions.

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