Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be challenging for every member of the family. We know, because we regularly help families manage the daily ups and downs of memory-related illnesses.

As a licensed homecare company, HomeCare of the Rockies has developed an advanced dementia training curriculum that each caregiver completes. This means our caregivers are prepared, experienced, and able to provide comprehensive in-home care services to help clients, and their families, through every stage of the disease.

How we can help you

Respite care – If you’re a spouse or caregiver to someone with dementia, we can come to your home a couple of hours a day or several full days a week to give you the break you need to take care of yourself and feel restored and rejuvenated.

Personal care strategies – From bathing and personal grooming to dealing with incontinence, our caregivers have the knowledge and training to gently help you and your loved one manage.

Ambulatory care – Dementia affects more than memory; it also affects one’s motor coordination. Our caregivers can develop strategies and cues for helping your loved one walk or move as well as helping to prevent falls in the home.

24/7 support – Dementia isn’t only a “day time” concern. Your loved one may have her days and nights confused, and if you work full-time and then have to stay up all night, you’re exhausted and emotionally drained. We’re open 24 hours a day – ensuring your loved one gets the support she needs while giving you the rest you deserve.

We take a customized approach to care

Once we’ve completed your complementary assessment, we create a customized care plan. Every caregiver you work with, along with your dedicated care manager, follow this plan. We know a stable routine aids people with dementia and this kind of consistent and integrated care approach eases stress for everybody.

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