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A letter from the President

Sandi McCannLife changes for everyone when a senior family member becomes ill, or can no longer handle all the responsibilities of daily life. I experienced that change firsthand and it touched me in a deep way.

When my stepmother became sick with a rare and progressive brain disease that would ultimately rob her of her mobility, speech, and mental function, the entire family stepped in to help.

We wanted to ease her struggle and give my father a break from the round-the-clock care. What surprised me was how deeply I connected with her — right where she was — in those moments at the edge of life. Despite the stress and sadness I often felt as I watched her decline, being able to help her during that time lit a spark in me that I hadn’t experienced before.

I realized that my passion and my purpose was to help others and I knew right then that I wanted to work with seniors.

In 2012, with my sister Maureen as my business partner, we launched HomeCare of the Rockies, Inc. to serve seniors and families. Now a licensed homecare company with more than 80 caregivers, and a team of care managers and administrative support staff, we are recognized in the community for our advanced care model, professionalism, and reliability.

I haven’t forgotten the lessons I learned when I helped care for my loved one at the end of her life. And today, HomeCare of the Rockies, Inc. delivers that same quality, compassionate care 24/7. It’s our commitment and our passion. We are here ready to help.

Sandi McCann

President, Home Care of the Rockies

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