Caregiver Job FAQs

We hope this answers your questions about being a caregiver with HomeCare of the Rockies. If you have others, don’t hesitate to call 720-204-6083.

How are your caregivers selected?

We hire caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of seniors. Our caregivers are people who seek a meaningful career that allows them to make a positive difference in their communities. They find it through caregiving.

What is your employee screening process?

Our rigorous hiring and training program includes a criminal background check, drug screening and driving record check. Each person we hire must have a clean driving record and up-to-date insurance. We carefully verify and check all references.

What is the training process for caregivers?

Once an individual is hired, he or she begins extensive caregiver training courses that include all facets of client care, as well as specialized training in the care of people with dementia. Our comprehensive training program is led by Maureen McCann, Human Resources Director, with her team of educators. Our curriculum is a complete caregiving training program that includes advanced certification in dementia and hospice.

Do you match caregivers with clients?

Yes. We do everything we can to match the needs, preferences, interests, and personality of our senior clients to a caregiver who shares those qualities in the hopes of a comfortable connection. But, if the match isn’t working, please tell us and we will rematch you. Our priority is the senior’s care and comfort.

Do your caregivers have experience working with those who have dementia?

Yes. Every caregiver who works with a senior who is living with dementia or memory loss has extensive training in dementia care. Currently, HomeCare of the Rockies is an active participant in the Leaders in Dementia Care training program through the Alzheimer’s Association Colorado Chapter.

Will I need to give my senior clients medications?

As a caregiver, your job requires you to remind seniors to take their medication at the correct time and then assist them in doing so (e.g. remove the medicine from the container and then give it to the senior on a small tray or in a cup). You will also observe and document the client taking the medicines, and the dosages and types taken. We do not administer or prescribe medication.

Will I be driving seniors to events such as a doctor appointment?

Yes in many cases. Most caregivers have cars and they do drive clients to appointments. But we can still hire you if you don’t drive — in this situation, you’ll be placed with clients who don’t require driving assistance. Not only do our caregivers transport seniors to medical appointments, but they also help seniors check in and settle into the waiting room. If the wait time is long, caregivers will communicate again with receptionists to help to facilitate the appointment. If desired, caregivers can even sit in on the appointment and take notes of what occurs. Following the appointment, caregivers will help the senior safely to the car, pick up any necessary prescriptions, and drive them home. Once there, the caregiver helps them settle back comfortably into their residence.

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