Care Manager



Because you’re patient, deliberate, and predictable, you might not be viewed as the life of the party. But that’s ok, because you have much needed qualities that sometimes go undetected. One of these qualities is being open to new ideas and new ways of working or seeing things – because you thrill at the “a ha!” of discovery.

You also love working with people. You’re an exceptional listener who can “read” people in just a few minutes. You use this finely honed skill to connect with others – and to capture the myriad small details others might miss. You’re really, really good (like really good) at connecting seemingly random dots of information and seeing solutions – often on the fly.

HomeCare of the Rockies is looking for someone just like you for our Care Manager position. We’re seeking an experienced individual who understands older adults and the effect aging has on the body and mind – someone who has a real knack for identifying caregiving approaches that help senior adults with their care needs.


  • Your primary responsibilities: To develop care plans for new and ongoing clients, orient, train and coach our caregivers for new client relationships, and respond to client needs.
  • Respond to all inquiries and qualify them (e.g. are we a good fit for the client and vice-versa), perform in-home client assessments, and secure the new client Service Agreement and payment.
  • Schedule regular and spot visits to ensure client care needs are met and the client is happy, respond to changing needs and adjust care plans accordingly, and follow up with caregivers for input on the care plan.
  • Deliver results-based metrics to the HomeCare of the Rockies team each week, such as number of in-home assessments, admissions, conversion ratio, clients on service, weekly client hours and average hours per client.


  • You are patience personified – with our senior clients (it goes without saying) but even more so with our caregivers, whom we consider and treat like gold. You are a nurturer, coach and teacher all rolled into one.
  • You have the ability to listen from the heart to someone’s story – and making people feel “heard” – and then seamlessly moving to the task at hand.
  • Your caregiving expertise includes dementia and Alzheimer’s care – coupled with the confidence in your ability to support clients and families coping with these and other cognitive illnesses. You know and practice the communication methods for working with clients who may have challenging behaviors.
  • You’re open, flexible and non-judgmental – and have no problem working with people from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • You can handle multiple interruptions on a continual basis – while being able to return to the original task and get things done. You are detail oriented.
  • You can deal with the unexpected – including early morning or late night calls, caregivers who call in sick at the last minute, or a client emergency.
  • You have Mac or Windows computer skills.
  • Your driving record is clean as a whistle, you carry insurance, and you own a reliable vehicle. You relish driving in the snow, rain or darkness. GPS is your in-car BFF.

Hours: This is a full-time position that does include some late night, early morning and weekend calls.

Salary: Annual salary in the low $50,000 range, plus bonus potential, and health care benefits. 401(k) upon eligibility and paid vacation after the first year. All mileage reimbursed.

A fast growing agency located in Longmont, CO, HomeCare of the Rockies serves older adults in Boulder County and surrounding areas. We deliver professional, compassionate and reliable non-medical caregiving support to seniors in their homes. We love what we do.

Sandi McCann, President and Owner
Phone: 720-204-6083